Local Young Entrepreneur Couple Inspired to Impact the Community with Healthy Vending Machines – Janae and Eddie Collier-Green Launch Vend Natural Program in Greater Cincinnati Market

February 3, 2016

Cincinnati, OH (February 3, 2016) – Two young, health-focused entrepreneurs, Janae and Eddie Collier-Green, have launched a healthy vending business in the greater Cincinnati market as distributors of Vend Natural’s Healthy Vending program. Inspired by the opportunity to bring healthy snacks and beverages to schools, community centers and hospitals in the area, Janae and Eddie, 24 and 26 respectively, now operate healthy vending machines in middle and high schools and health centers around Cincinnati with plans to expand in the area in the next year. Vend Natural’s Healthy Vending Program offers local distributor partners with machines, products, such as smoothies, soymilk, fruit, vegetables, granola bars, baked chips and natural sodas, and service, all customized to meet the needs of the local market.

“Eddie and I were looking for ways to make a difference in our community, especially with young people,” said Janae. “Both of us are passionate about health and wellness and wanted to find a business where we could positively impact children and adults while growing a business we care about. Vend Natural’s program allowed us to do just that and we are excited about bringing healthy snacks and drinks to our hometown area.”

The Collier-Green Vend Natural team, both of whom are pursuing advanced degrees in health-oriented fields, currently operate machines at Glen Estate High School and Middle School and Amelia Middle School. There, kids are snacking on veggie straws, pretzel crisps, pistachios, popcorn and orange juice instead of chips, candy bars and soda. Knowing the importance of good nutrition on learning outcomes, the Collier-Greens focused first on schools but plan to expand into medical centers, health clubs and other businesses and community venues where kids and adults spend time and can make more deliberate choices about eating and drinking healthier alternatives. Anderson HealthPlex, another Vend Natural healthy machine location, will be adding machines next month and Western Hills HealthPlex has just signed to bring healthy vending to their patients, employees and staff.

Speaking about the youngest distributor partners in the Vend Natural Healthy Vending family, CEO William H. Carpenter, Jr. said, “Janae and Eddie are a remarkable team. Together they bring both a fervor for transforming how their community snacks and drinks along with a strong business acumen and entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinking. They are a model partner for our company and we support their efforts in Cincinnati in any way we can,” said Carpenter.

Vend Natural (www.vendnatural.com), the oldest healthy vending company in the industry, specializes in providing colleges, universities, municipalities, schools, hospitals and businesses with healthier snacks and drinks to combat skyrocketing rates of obesity for both adults and teenagers. Vend Natural’s array of healthy snacks and drinks are available in their state-of-the-art dual-zone machines – that carry both snacks and chilled drinks. The high-tech and brightly colored Vend Natural machines carry a wide selection of both refrigerated drinks and ambient temperature snacks such as all natural chips and popcorn, low fat health bars, natural coconut water and more. The product assortment also includes a full range of gluten-free, sugar free, high protein and lower fat products as well an assortment of fresh fruits, yogurt, organic fruit smoothies, cottage cheese and hummus.

About Vend Natural

Vend Natural, which today operated machines coast to coast, is America’s oldest and fastest-growing healthy snacking company and is based in Annapolis, Maryland. The company was inspired by the vision of helping to transform eating patterns by providing healthy snacking alternatives in convenient vending locations across America. Specializing in placements in schools, hospitals and businesses, the company’s commitment to growth is based on selecting sound locations, highly motivated distributors who share the vision for a healthier America and attracting, retaining and delighting customers who discover healthier products at exceptional values.

The company is known for its innovative and environmentally-sensitive vending machine design offering state-of-the art, dual temperature-zoned, energy efficient machines that hold a large variety of both natural organic snacks and beverages. Vend Natural  is also known for its fresh, bright, signature machine graphics featuring large, appealing illustrations of grapes, raspberries and its tag line, “Snack Better. Live Better.” Vend Natural was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year award in Maryland for 2010. For more information, visit www.vendnatural.com.