MacArthur High School, Aldine ISD Now Offers Healthy Snacks and Drinks to Students

Annapolis, MD – Dec. 19, 2017 – Vend Natural has been selected by MacArthur High School of the Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas as its healthy vending partner, announced the company’s CEO, William H. Carpenter, Jr. With equipment now in place at MacArthur High School, Vend Natural Houston has officially launched and will be expanding throughout the greater Houston area. Trevor and Colleen Murray are co-owners of Vend Natural Houston. The Aldine ISD now joins other large school districts in Texas and across the country that have selected Vend Natural as their healthy vending partner. Today, more than 2 million students have access to Vend Natural’s nutritious snacking program.

Vend Natural ( was selected for its long track record in the healthy vending industry and its specialty in providing customized nutritional vending programs to large public school districts and prominent higher education institutions across the country. Vend Natural is committed to offering the latest technological advancements in vending, including: energy efficient machines with touch screens and a broad array of payment options; real-time inventory management systems providing the company with 24/7 sales information; and its extensive array of all-natural snacks. Vend Natural is the oldest healthy vending company in the country and now operates in 25 states and the District of Columbia.

Vend Natural CEO William Carpenter said, “We are excited to launch Vend Natural Houston and believe that Trevor and Colleen Murray are the perfect partners to expand throughout the area. They are entrenched in the community and are deeply committed to healthy living,” said Carpenter.

“We are pleased to be able to bring a nutritionally sound snacking program to MacArthur High School,” said Trevor Murray of Vend Natural Houston. “Recognizing the connection between good nutrition and learning outcomes, we applaud the school for making sure students and staff are fueled by healthier snacking options. With two machines now in place, the demand from the students has been high. And, the revenue from the machines is contributing to important programs such as athletics, science and text books.”

Vend Natural Houston’s machines carry a wide selection of healthy snacks such as low-fat, low-sodium chips and popcorn, health bars, high protein nuts, trail mix, dried fruits and a full range of whole grain, low sugar snacks. All of the products available to the school meet or exceed federal, state and school nutritional standards for calories, fat, vitamins, fiber, sodium and more.


About Vend Natural

Vend Natural’s mission is to support improved eating practices by offering healthy products that are easily accessible and affordable. Vend Natural is the only healthy snacking company in the U.S. that both partners with local market distributors and owns and operates its own machines, enabling the company to test new equipment and products and provide relevant training and customer service operation for its distributors. For more, visit